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January 7, 2019

Let's just say there's not many couples out there like Jess and Daniel. This Toyota power couple share the same passion for these iconic legends. 

Daniels 1986 Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT - Apex AE86 is one of the cleanest examples of the historic AE86 which was a favourite of the legendary Drift King Keiichi Tsuchiya.

Being one of the top of the line GT - APEX models, this model features power windows and mirrors, a digital dash cluster and automatic AC, which for it's time was a real luxury.

This clean AF AE86 was purchased back in 2017 by Daniel at a Japanese Auction. At the time, there was still Japanese registration after the purchase, so Jess and Daniel took a holiday to Japan for a week to do some site seeing and drive their newly purchased car (I know, living the dream). While on their holiday they raced on Tsukuba circuit and Drove to Mount Haruna (Mount Akina). Of course, stopped at most (if not all) UP garages on their trip.

After the trip of a lifetime, they then shipped the AE86 to Australia and re-registered with Australian registration (and some cool, custom plates).
 Fitted with the reliable and popular standard motor 16v 4AGE. This specific 4AGE has also been fitted with individual throttles from the later 20v 4AGE and is run with a JDM freedom ECU.

Understanding that this is still the original motor from factory it is a bit exasperated with roughly 210,000 kms on it. Daniel tells us the plan is to eventually swap out the 16v 4AGE for a 20v 4AGE that he's been working on for the past couple of years. We look forward to seeing what's in store for this Japanese Masterpiece. 

Jess's 1986 Toyota MR2 AW11 is arguably one of the most unique and distinctive MR2's to grace the earth.

Jess, who is a graphic designer, has uniquely designed the wrap on the fuel flap, boot lid and front lip. Let the pictures do the talking on that topic. Amazing, right? We love the creativity. 

The look and concept of this car isn't the only reason it's legendary.

Originally imported from Japan to Queensland by a previous owner, the car was bought by Jess in 2015 from an acquaintance.

Being a bit of a project, they slowly upgraded various bits and pieces, from nicer wheels, interior upgrades, nardi steering wheel, and engine upgrades such as engine swap, supercharger and intercooler upgrades.

And of course, custom plates - which refers to the shortened / colloquial chassis number of this particular model of MR2 - AW11 : ADUB.

This supercharged MR2 is a speedy little weapon, weighing in at only 950kgs. This MR2 in particular boasts a rebuilt 4AGZE making 130kws at the wheels whilst also sporting a SC14 Toyota built supercharger upgrade. Also upgrading the intercooler with a water to air intercooler which are known for their efficiency. 

A few other mechanical upgrades include a Nervo over boost pulley and a limited slip Differential. If we're speaking on a torque basis, this MR2 runs an impressive 250nm @ 5000rpm.

Passion is something these two definitely do not lack. We loved documenting these two JDM legends, both unique and different in their own ways.

We hope to meet other couples just as passionate about cars as these two are. 

AE86 Owner IG: faceplant_86

MR2 Owner IG: adub.ae86ed

Photographer IG: sleeplessknightsphotography

Photographer Facebook IG:





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